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Over the past few decades, we have seen the steady elimination of moderate Republicans via challenges in the Republican primaries by extreme right-wing elements.

There are 435 members of the House of Representatives. The rules of the House allow the political party that controls more than 217 of those members to control the House of Representatives. Currently, the Republicans control 233 members with one more Republican vacancy yet to be filled, so the Democrats would need to gain control of at least 17 of those 233 Republicans in order to take back control of the House of Representatives. To accomplish this before the 2014 midterm elections, 17 Republican members of the House would have to switch to the Democratic Party.

Ordinarily, this would be impossible, but the Republicans have become a radical right-wing party that not only takes extreme positions but also is in the process of purging itself of all of its moderate members. Over the past few decades, we have seen the steady elimination of moderate Republicans via challenges in the Republican primaries by extreme right-wing elements. One must suppose that, in the beginning, the moderate Republicans just did not notice the steady elimination of their fellow moderates, but, today, everyone knows that the radical right-wing Republicans threaten non compliant moderate Republicans with a right-wing primary challenge. Moderate Republicans must be living a dog’s life, rolling over for a treat, cringing at a cruel word, and enduring life perpetually in the dog house. But, no matter how well they learn to roll over, they must know that it is just a matter of time and convenience before the radical right-wing purges them from the Republican Party. The list of moderate Republicans who have been purged contains some very big names, including Governor Charlie Crist of Florida and Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana. In the case of Charlie Crist, had he simply switched to the Democratic Party and run as a Democrat against Rubio instead of losing to Rubio in the Republican primary, Charlie Crist would be the Senator from Florida, not Rubio. The same is true for Senator Lugar. Both Crist and Lugar have wide appeal in their states, but can not win a Republican primary in the new radical right-wing Republican Party.

In itself, this would be bad enough, but as the Republicans continue to be the party of blind obedience to the robber-baron elite no matter how much damage they may wreck upon our country, this creates an opportunity for moderate Republicans to put country above party and choose to become respected moderate Democrats rather than continuing to live like worthless old dogs forever under the heels of their masters’ jackboots.

So, all the Democrats need to do is identify those moderate Republicans who, by now, can see their next radical right-wing challenger written plainly on their walls, and then offer these moderate Republicans a chance to become moderate Democrats. The advantage for these moderate members of Congress is twofold. First, the radical right-wing of the Republican party is, as President Obama has said, holding the well-being of the United States hostage to their extreme demands. This allows moderate Republicans to put the well-being of their country above their membership in the Republican Party. And, second, Democrats have a history of honoring their commitments to moderate Republicans who choose to become Democrats. When Senator Arlen Specter switched to the Democratic Party, the Democrats not only preserved his Chairmanship of his committees, but the Democrats also supported Senator Specter in the Democratic primary and during the general election, as well.

So, as our country is again suffering relentless radical right-wing generated crisis after radical right-wing generated crisis, Democrats should reach out to moderate Republicans and offer them a safer harbor and much smoother sailing. So, when the radical right-wing Republicans succeed in purging those 17 moderate Republican members of the House of Representatives out of the Republican Party and into the Democratic Party, then we can begin to conduct our nation’s business in a manner that protects and respects all Americans, not just the robber-barons and their little sycophants.

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One Response to Democrats Can Take Back the U. S. House of Representatives Before the 2014 Election

  1. Mr. Gardner- I’m relatively new to computer use. I kept waiting for the fad to pass, but 4 years ago, I conceded it was here to stay, and I’d just retired, so I gave in. I’m trapped in a small, boring, very conservative, Mormon-dominated, farming community. Being a Democrat here is like being gay anywhere, 30 or 40 years ago. I don’t know anyone except my relatives, and they’re all Mormons, so finding the Nation Builder site made me very happy. I’ve had some problems learning how to post discussions, and I’m completely baffled about how to access the chat room, but I’m getting better. It took a while for me to locate your article, and I spent about an hour writing a comment. When I tried to post it, my internet connection had disconnected itself, and I lost my message. (This happens frequently, so someone at Verizon is going to have the unhappy experience of dealing with me in the morning.) I’m intrigued with this site. Are you all “Nation Mag.” writers, or is this a site anyone can join?
    I have ADD, which manifests in a tendency to ramble, verbally and in writing. I have OCD, which manifests in an obsession with neatness and perfection. I’m also LIP,[lacking in patience], and that manifests as extreme frustration which causes me to be MAD. I stay up all night, writing comments on these sites. I recently discovered I’m limited to 10,000 characters on my blog, and this site is probably less, so I’ll try to stay on topic.
    My original message commended you for your idea of saving moderates from the lunatics who’ve kidnapped the Republican Party. I thought ‘normal’ Republicans were bad until the “Tea Party” showed up. (You do know, don’t you, that tea party is just a new name for the religious right?) They started out masquerading as semi-Libertarians who were mostly focused on the economy, but once they were elected, they revealed their true agenda. (Keeping women barefoot, pregnant and ignorant, and brain- washing homosexuals into believing they’re straight.) I got into politics by becoming involved in the gay rights movement, in Houston, in 1978, so I’ve dealt with right-wing religious fanatics for a long time. Their goal is to take over the government so they can force all of us to abide by their rules. I’m pretty sure it’s never going to happen, but they’ve made enough progress to be a major annoyance. Any more and they will be a threat.
    I just wanted to let you know I really like your idea. If I can do anything to help, let me know, as long as it doesn’t require money or travel. Right now, I’m plotting to destroy the NRA. They are a threat, and someone needs to stop them.
    Leslie Larson/